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Past Master’s degree thesis


  • Giulio Maria Lo Bello
    Numerical study of glass formers: structure and thermodynamics of hard-particle systems via molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo simulation
    Supervisors: Marco Zanatta & Federico Ricci Tersenghi (Sapienza Università di Roma)


  • Irene Festi
    Vibrational dynamics of ultra-stable and conventional glasses
    Supervisor: Giacomo Baldi
  • Luca Maestri
    Sound propagation in vitreous silica studied via extreme ultraviolet transient grating spectroscopy
    Supervisor: Giacomo Baldi
  • Fabio Brugnara
    Physical methods for the investigation of medieval trade networks: the case of pietra ollare
    Supervisor: Marco Zanatta & Luca Tubiana
  • Alberto Ronca
    Metallic glasses at extreme conditions: an XPCS challenge
    Supervisor: Marco Zanatta & Beatrice Ruta (CNRS Lyon)


  • Erica Alfinelli
    X-ray induced dynamics in silicate glasses: an XPCS study
    Supervisor: Giacomo Baldi
  • Nicol√≤ Bassoli
    Structural relaxation and beam induced dynamics of a network glass-former probed by x ray photon correlation spectroscopy
    Supervisor: Giacomo Baldi
  • Luca Malorzo
    Structure and dynamics of a colloidal system on approaching the glass transition
    Supervisor: Giulio Monaco
  • Alessandro Piccoli
    Study of the dynamics of a polydisperse colloidal system approaching dynamical arrest
    Supervisor: Giulio Monaco