Giacomo Baldi
Associate professor
E-mail: giacomo.baldi(at)
Tel: (+39) 0461 28 2797

Marco Zanatta
Assistant professor
E-mail: marco.zanatta(at)
Tel: (+39) 0461 28 1522

Roberto Graziola
Senior technician
E-mail: roberto.graziola(at)
Tel: (+39) 0461 28 2064

Flavio Rossi
Senior technician
E-mail: flavio.rossi(at)
Tel: (+39) 0461 28 2002

Cristina Armellini
IFN-CNR & FBK technician
E-mail: cristina.armellini(at)
Tel: (+39) 0461 28 1654

PhD Students

Erica Alfinelli
PhD student (XXXVI cycle)
E-mail: erica.alfinelli(at)
Tel: (+39) 0461 28 1541

Elisa Maccadanza
PhD student (XXXVI cycle)
PhD programme in Archaeology, Art History and History, University of Verona
E-mail: elisa.maccadanza(at)

Undergraduate students

Fabio Brugnara

Thesis title: Identification of Pietra Ollare trading routes in Middle Ages using spectroscopic techniques and machine learning

Supervisors: Marco Zanatta & Luca Tubiana

Irene Festi

Thesis title: Two level states in ultra-stable and conventional glasses

Supervisor: Giacomo Baldi

Luca Maestri

Thesis title: Sound propagation in vitreous silica studied via extreme ultraviolet transient grating spectroscopy

Supervisor: Giacomo Baldi

Alberto Ronca

Thesis title: Pressure dependence of the atomic motion in metallic glasses

Supervisors: Marco Zanatta & Beatrice Ruta (CNRS Lyon, France)

Missing photo image by M.casanova (CC BY-SA 4.0) from Wikimedia Commons.