Thermal annealing and phase transformation of serpentine-like garnierite

This study is focused on the vibrational and microstructural aspects of the thermally induced transformation of serpentine-like garnierite into quartz, forsterite, and enstatite occurring at about 620 °C. Powder specimens of garnierite were annealed in static air between room temperature and 1000 °C. The kinetic of the transformation was investigated by means of thermogravimetric and differential thermal analysis, and the final product was extensively characterized via micro-Raman spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction. Our study shows that serpentine-like garnierite consists of a mixture of different mineral species. Furthermore, these garnierites and their composition can provide details based on the mineralogy and the crystalline phases resulting from the thermal treatment.

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A. Kumar, M. Cassetta, M. Giarola, M. Zanatta, M.L. Guen, G.D. Sorarù, G. Mariotto, Thermal annealing and phase transformation of serpentine-like garnierite, Minerals 11, 188 (2021),

Photo credits: Marco Zanatta